At Funbutler, we see our customers not just as clients but as development partners. An important example of this partnership is Fangarna på fortet (internationally known as Prison Island) and Megazone Norway, which operate four locations. They have been part of Funbutler’s client development team almost from the start, investing their time and sharing their extensive knowledge and experience from running activity centers. We are deeply grateful for their contributions, as well as those of all our clients, which have helped Funbutler evolve into the next-generation booking and digitalization platform for activity centers.

We had the opportunity to speak with Albert Buli, the Operations Manager for Prison Island and Megazone Norway. He shared his insights and experiences on their journey to digitize and automate their processes, from online bookings to bookkeeping and reporting. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Interview with Albert Buli

-Can you describe your business and the primary challenges you faced regarding bookings and guest experience before implementing Funbutler?

Albert Buli: We faced significant challenges with order and logistics. Initially, we managed bookings using Excel, which was inefficient. Later, we developed our own booking system, but it was not online and lacked smooth functionality. This system could only handle two bookings for laser tag at a time, which was limiting. Customers had to call and email their bookings, which was a manual, time-consuming process prone to errors.

-What motivated you to choose Funbutler?

Albert Buli: We compared various options on the market and found that Funbutler offered the flexibility we needed to manage resources and packages efficiently.

-How did the implementation process of Funbutler go? Did you encounter any challenges?

Albert Buli: Switching to Funbutler was like entering a completely new world. The most significant change was the improved daily overview and logistics. We can now plan the day for our employees and activities, as well as their meal times. This has drastically reduced the time spent on emails and phone calls.

-Where and how many ExtandaGO POS systems do you have together with Funbutler?

Albert Buli: We currently operate four locations and are opening a mini-golf facility in Bergen this year. In total, we have nine ExtandaGO POS systems integrated with Funbutler.

-Can you give a brief description of the solution you have implemented?

Albert Buli: All bookings are automatically entered into the ExtandaGO POS system. Prepaid bookings go directly to the daily closing in ExtandaGO, so staff does not need to use the register to check in guests. We use Ordin to take orders directly at tables via a QR code. ExtandaGO is integrated with TripleTex for accounting, allowing us to create automatic invoices for companies. We will soon be using Microsoft Power BI to create dashboards and reports for all locations.

-Can you describe the integration details?

Albert Buli: The integration involves Funbutler, ExtandaGO, Ordin, and TripleTex, coordinated by Dekon and Funbutler. This seamless integration ensures efficient operation across booking, order management, and financial processes.

-How has Funbutler contributed to improving the guest experience at your centers?

Albert Buli: Guests can now make most changes themselves and book at any time. Those who use the party invitation feature are very satisfied. Guests find the booking reference easy to change and clear. Additionally, guests can prepay and cancel their bookings by themselves, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience.

-Have you noticed any changes in customer satisfaction or feedback since you started using the system?

Albert Buli: Yes, absolutely. Customer satisfaction and feedback have improved significantly.

-How has the transition to Funbutler affected your online bookings?

Albert Buli: Before Funbutler, we didn’t have an online booking system. We immediately noticed that about 60-70% of all bookings now come through the web.

-Have you seen an increase in the number of bookings since you started using Funbutler?

Albert Buli: Yes, we have seen an increase of about 50% in package bookings and 30% in food and additional services.

-How has Funbutler affected the workload related to booking administration?

Albert Buli: We now receive about 60-70% fewer emails and phone calls. On average, we have saved the equivalent of one staff member per day in terms of time and resources.

-How has Funbutler affected your business profitability?

Albert Buli: We save at least one staff member per day. There is also a significant increase in sales, especially add-ons facilitated by Funbutler.

-How do you see the future with Funbutler? Are there any additional features or services you plan to use?

Albert Buli: We plan to work more with loyalty programs and upselling to further enhance our offerings.

-Would you recommend Funbutler to other companies in your industry? Why or why not?

Albert Buli: Absolutely, and we have done so from the beginning. Funbutler is easy to adapt and optimize for business needs, making it a valuable asset for improving operational efficiency and guest experience.


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