E-accounting for FEC and activities

Funbutler’s integrated POS system simplify financial workflows for FECs and activity centers, and offer seamless e-accounting and bookkeeping integrations to enhance your financial management.

Funbutler’s integrated POS connects with over 20 leading bookkeeping systems, making it the ideal choice for FECs and activity centers across Europe. With compatibility across 20+ systems, you can streamline your bookkeeping processes effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual data entry, and let automation save you time and effort.

To connect Funbutler to e-accounting and bookkeeping, as presented on this page, you need Funbutler’s integrated POS system.

North Europe


A cloud accounting software designed for small businesses, offering automated bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, tax management, easy reporting, visual dashboards, cash flow forecasting, built-in bank connections, and AI features. It operates in 15 countries across Europe.

Available: Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark


A Swedish cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, offering a user-friendly interface, automated accounting processes, and remote access. It integrates with Funbutler for enhanced business management.

Available: Sweden


Tripletex offers a flexible accounting program that includes features like invoicing, time tracking, payroll, project management, inventory, and logistics. It is customizable to suit the needs of different businesses. Tripletex supports collaboration with accountants and can be integrated with other tools like cash register solutions​.

Available: Norway



AFAS Software provides an integrated software package for HR management, billing, procurement, accounting, and more. It includes an ERP solution with financial, HRM, payroll, CRM, order management, and project management modules. The software helps streamline business operations and improve efficiency

Available in: Netherlands, France, and Belgium



Asperion is a comprehensive online accounting and invoicing package for freelancers, SMEs, and accounting firms. It offers a range of functionalities including time and kilometer tracking, diverse invoicing options, inventory and production management, and financial reporting. The system also features Scan-and-Recognize technology using OCR, automatic bank connections with major banks, and a helpful support desk. Asperion is certified with annual ISAE3402 audits and is accessible through a mobile app.

Available in: Netherlands



Billit is an invoicing platform that automates administration by linking bank accounts to manage finances and matching customer payments with invoices. It includes features for creating and sending invoices, processing incoming invoices, and tracking invoice payment status.

Available in: Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Germany



Boekhouden.nl offers a user-friendly accounting software with features like automatic bank connections, direct tax filing, and integrations with various services. It includes address lookups, Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) integration, and easy management of online sales from webshops. The software also connects with numerous software partners, offering tools for various business needs

Available in: Netherlands



Exact offers cloud-based software for small and medium-sized businesses and accountants, focusing on automating accounting, finance, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes. It is the market leader in the Benelux region and supports companies at various stages of development. Exact’s solutions are user-friendly and quickly implementable, providing real-time access to crucial business data. The company offers industry-specific solutions, with over 675,000 businesses and accountants using its products.

Available in: Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and more



FactuurSturen.nl provides easy online invoicing and basic administration since 2008. It features quick invoice creation and booking, fast quote dispatch, inventory and product management, periodic invoicing, extensive reports, various payment options, time tracking, and integration with other accounting packages.

Available in: Netherlands


Informer’s e-accounting and bookkeeping software, priced at €7/month per administration, streamlines accountant-client collaboration in a centralized portal. Clients can easily upload invoices and receipts, facilitating timely and automated VAT filings directly to tax authorities. The software minimizes errors with automatic bookkeeping assistance and optimizes communication through an integrated dashboard. Features include customizable accounting schemes, efficient data export for tax filings, and detailed cost center insights. Enhanced by automation and OCR technology, it efficiently processes uploaded receipts and offers seamless bank integrations.

Available in: Netherlands


Jortt is an automated online accounting software designed to make bookkeeping enjoyable and efficient. It features a Bookhoudbot that automates up to 99% of accounting tasks, reducing monthly accounting time significantly. Jortt’s dashboard provides real-time financial insights and fiscal advice, aiding in better business decisions. It offers professional invoicing, automated bank connections, and extensive fiscal advice. Jortt is known for its technological innovation and user-friendliness, and it has been recognized with awards like the Computable Awards 2023 and MKB Proof Award 2023

Available in: Netherlands

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft BI streamlines FEC activity center analysis with user-friendly dashboards, real-time insights, and customizable reporting, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Available: Globally

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365integrates finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, warehouse, and inventory management. It automates routine tasks, provides a unified source of intelligence, and connects various business aspects for better visibility and decision-making. The system also features machine learning and AI for insights and strategic planning, with the ability to customize and integrate with other apps

Available: Globally


Moneybird is an online tool for managing finances, featuring invoice creation, storing purchase invoices, scanning receipts, and sending quotes. It integrates financial information with bank statements to create accounting reports and mainly serves the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Available in: Netherlands and Belgium

Muis Software

Muis Software, a part of KING Software, provides personalized, user-friendly software solutions for accountants and entrepreneurs. With over 40 years of experience, it offers solutions for automating client administration, purchase, and sales processes. It emphasizes personalized service, cooperative development with customers, and a comprehensive understanding of various industries like trade, accountancy, business services, and food. KING Software also has a widespread dealer network for accessibility and customer support​.

Available in: Netherlands


NetSuite cloud accounting software transforms general ledger, optimizes AR/AP, and streamlines tax management. It offers real-time insights, automates repetitive tasks, and is accessible from anywhere. NetSuite integrates with various business functions, including inventory and HR, and adapts to growing business challenges. It combines finance and accounting functions with compliance management, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Available: Globally


Reeleezee provides a user-friendly interface for business owners with limited accounting knowledge. It offers features like banking and email integration, inventory management, invoice creation, multiple company support, online document storage, task management, and taxation management. It is a cloud-based solution.

Available in: Netherlands


An easy-to-use online bookkeeping tool for small entrepreneurs, featuring invoicing, quotations, cost and receipt management with scan recognitions, time tracking, VAT and tax management, and more. It offers a mobile app for on-the-go management.

Available in: Netherlands


A solution for small and medium-sized businesses, offering financial management, inventory management, reporting, security, and a user-friendly interface. It supports integrations with third-party applications and provides features like invoicing, expense tracking, bank reconciliation, and client collaboration.

Available in: Netherlands


Silvasoft streamlines business operations with modules for bookkeeping, invoicing, sales, inventory, project management, time tracking, personnel management, and CRM. It’s designed for various professionals and industries, offering features like automated VAT, invoice customization, order tracking, and personnel management.

Available in: Netherlands and Belgium


Twinfield is an online accounting software managing all accounting functions, from invoicing to management accounting. It offers real-time collaboration, supports multi-company, multi-language, and multi-currency, and has features like Fixed Assets and Project Accounting. The software provides secure integration with business systems and supports data encryption.

Available in: Netherlands and United Kingdom


WeFact is a digital invoicing and administration platform allowing users to create invoices and quotes, process purchase invoices, and gain insights into their administration. It is recommended by over 700 accountants and is available in Dutch and English.

Available in: Netherlands and United Kingdom


Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that provides an all-in-one, paperless record-keeping system. It offers automated features for bank reconciliation, invoice reminders, and data capture with Hubdoc. Xero provides smart data insights for informed business decisions, quick setup with onboarding support, and expert advisor assistance for accounting tasks. The software is designed to save time for businesses, ensuring more efficient financial management​

Available in: United Kingdom, Ireland, plus 10 countries in Europe