Booking System for VR Centers

Welcome to Funbutler, the booking system tailored not only for playlands and activity centers but also widely used by individuals and businesses operating VR studios. VR, standing for virtual reality, has quickly become a real success and a popular activity for many people around the world.

At Funbutler, we understand the needs of entrepreneurs and have thus assisted many in starting VR studios with one of the market’s leading booking systems designed specifically for this purpose. As a business owner, you can enjoy a booking system that provides full control and clarity over reservations.

With our smart add-on feature, your guests can easily include everything from food and drinks to other activities in their booking. Together with our other intelligent features, this not only increases profitability but also reduces administration through the system’s clarity and real-time reports.

With an online booking system from Funbutler, your prospective guests can easily book and customize their reservations at their convenience. You never risk being overbooked or experiencing double bookings — Funbutler’s booking system keeps a constant eye on this for you.


Easy to get started

It's easy to get started with Funbutler's booking system for activity centers and activities. We assist you with onboarding and installation on your website. Our team of experts in online booking also ensures that you get the best solution when it comes to your packages and bookable activities.



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