More than just a booking system

Funbutler is a marketing and business tool for activity and entertainment centers, a digitalization platform to grow with.

More than just a booking system

Funbutler is a marketing and business tool for activity and entertainment centers, a digitalization platform to grow with.

More than just a booking system

Funbutler is a marketing and business tool for activity and entertainment centers, a digitalization platform to grow with.

More than just a booking system

Funbutler is a marketing and business tool for activity and entertainment centers, a digitalization platform to grow with.

Do it all with Funbutler.

With Funbutler’s modules, you get more than just booking; you receive a comprehensive marketing, planning, and support tool for your daily operations – a complete business system

Funbutler has been developed in collaboration with some of Europe’s leading activity centers, based on their wishes and needs.”

Book activities, courses and events.

Guests can easily book, pay, and make changes online by themselves, directly using their booking reference

Funbutler is provided as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and is user-friendly for both customers and staff, offering great flexibility and catering to future needs.


Create engaging and profitable packages, like ‘Kids’ Birthday Bash’ featuring Laser Tag, Bowling, and Pizza, ensuring each activity is seamlessly reserved with the correct resource.


Transform events like quiz nights, concerts and anniversaries into easily bookable, must-attend experiences for your guests.


Offer courses, lessons, or camps, you can create multiple course sessions, setting the price, time, and maximum number of participants for each.

Sell ​​more.

An attractive and user-friendly booking system that showcases your attractions effectively boosts sales.

It’s sleek and easy to navigate on mobile, computer, or tablet.


Boost revenue by effortlessly adding a range of options, such as diverse food choices, unique merchandise, refreshing soft drinks, enticing candy, and flexible gift cards.

Promotional codes

Create flexible discount codes. Promote a holiday, reward specific customers, counter low occupancy, or establish unique campaigns. Fixed amounts or percentages, you decide.

Automatic follow-up

Let Funbutler work for you by setting up a ‘trigger’: Every guest who books a party will automatically receive a new offer via email 10 months after their last party.

Market your business.

Elevate your advertisements and campaigns using QR codes, ideal for drop-ins and promotions.

When scanned by a mobile phone, these codes instantly redirect customers to your booking form, streamlining the process.

Versatile in application, you can place QR codes on giveaways, venue signs, roll-ups, advertisements, digital screens, business cards, or any other printed materials, offering a quick and efficient bridge to your services.

QR T-shirt

Complete control.

Whether you operate one or multiple venues, it’s crucial to have control. You want to see bookings, sales, trends, and how your visitors experience your facility.

Funbutler’s goal is to ensure that with clear information, smart planning, and smooth administration, you get the most out of your venue.

Daily view

The daily view provides a perfect overview of the upcoming day. You can see all booked activities and automatically receive checklists of what needs to be prepared.


You can create your own dashboard, an easily readable graphical view. Here, you place all the important key figures and trends that you want to keep a daily eye on.


All visitors receive an email with questions about their experience during the visit. An important key to improving your business and discovering any deviations.

98.9% Satisfaction.

“Superb booking process. Great that you can change the number of participants yourself. ” ,  Visitors to Gokart Stockholm

“Easy to book before you are in place. Flexible when you are in place, so you get started quickly with the fun! ” Visitors to Hop N Pop Skövde

“The ordering process was fine. Wrote some comments on deviations I wanted on pizza. This was followed up by the staff. ” Visitors Fangene at Fort Stavanger

Do more, with less.

When customers book and pay online and quickly pass reception with a glance at the information screen, your staff gains more time to focus on enhancing the customer experience instead of administrative tasks.

Pay online

Offer the customer different payment methods and decide for yourself which packages require payment in advance.

Booking confirmation

Digital booking confirmation with comprehensive information ahead of the visit.

Information Screens

Provide clarity for your customers and ease the workload for your staff.


You have a certain direction for your facility today, but we know that this changes over time.

Funbutler excels in managing what we call multicenters. When you add new attractions, locations or franchises, you can effortlessly combine them with your current activities to create and offer exciting new packages.


Best on parties?

Children’s parties are a key and vital activity for many of our customers. Organizing such events is known for its demanding nature.

Funbutler is dedicated to streamlining this process as much as possible, equipped with planning tools and reports designed to save employers time and effort

Allergies and special diets

Even before the group arrives, you have information about allergies, special diets, or specific requests.

Invitations and wish list

Funbutler handles invitations, and hosts can see who has RSVP’d. A wish list can easily be attached to the invitation.




The invitees can chat to coordinate rides or gifts.

Funbutler works for you.

Funbutler streamlines activity center operations with its comprehensive booking system, automating tasks from scheduling to payments.

Funbutler enhances customer experience with easy online bookings and customizable packages, while providing powerful marketing tools and insightful reports, all aimed at boosting efficiency and revenue.


Increase revenue

  • Create inspiring packages and activities
  • Courses and events
  • Additional products: food, merchandise, soft drinks, sweets
  • Additional activities and additional sales
  • Gift cards
  • Promotional codes
  • Mail automation, birthday mailing
  • Online payment
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Segmented prices for different customer groups

More features

  • Mobile adapted
  • Invitations and wish list
  • Early bird on courses and events
  • Seamless integration directly on your website
  • Quick drop-in booking
  • Several VAT rates
  • Export customers
  • A package can reserve several resources at the same time


  • Cloud-based calendar 
  • Prepare the guest. Booking confirmation with all info
  • SMS confirmations, optional
  • Automatic reminders
  • Online payment
  • Scan QR code on arrival
  • Quick drop-in booking
  • Self-service: the customer can change the booking themselves
  • Information screens: guide or inform customers
  • Integration with POS systems and business systems

More features

  • Custom opening hours
  • Flexible pricing
  • Comment function when booking
  • List view or calendar view
  • Customizable views
  • Notifications
  • Log function
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Closed periods
  • Different VAT rates
  • Different user roles
  • Custom texts
  • Additional products: food, merchandise, soft drinks, sweets
  • Additional activities
  • Booking window: how early and late you can book
  • Integration to gates
  • Seamless integration directly on your website, no subpages are opened
  • Support for several facilities
  • Gift cards: digital or physical
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Integration with MegaTiming (go-kart)
  • Integration to Onslip (checkout)
  • Integration to VBS Bowling
  • Integration to Prison Island

Business control

  • Managing bookings with a calendar or list view
  • After-visit evaluation email with optional questions
  • Reports of bookings, revenue and payment methods
  • Configurable dashboard for trends and statistics
  • Google Analytics (enhanced e-commerce)
  • Support for several facilities
  • Information screens: guide or inform customers
  • User roles

More features

  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Integration with MegaTiming (go-kart)
  • Integration to ExtendaGO(POS)
  • Integration to bookkeeping systems
  • Integration to Prison Island
  • Customer data mirrored on 3 servers with backup to a fourth

Learn more about Funbutler and all its features.

World-class customer service.

The support is here to assist you and work with you as a partner.

The support has extensive knowledge in the activity center industry and is always ready to help and provide good advice. Whether it’s answering specific questions or unique requirements, or providing tips and suggestions on how you can develop your business, sell more, and streamline your processes.

Customer support is passionate about helping you tailor Funbutler to your preferences and needs.

Global platform.

​Funbutler makes the world your oyster, tailored to local languages, currencies, and payment methods, and is constantly expanding its global reach.

If your country isn’t yet on our map, don’t worry. Reach out to us to learn more about Funbutler and discover how we can assist your business’s growth

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