Booking System for Bowling

Today, bowling is more than just an activity. For some, it’s a sport practiced at a hobby or professional level. For many others, bowling is a fun activity enjoyed with friends, family, or colleagues during events like corporate activities or parties.

Given the above facts, it’s evident that bowling alleys today face higher demands than perhaps they did in the past.

Many bowling alleys now offer more than just bowling as an activity. In many cases, they provide additional experiences such as food & drinks, and perhaps shuffleboard and arcade games – all to keep guests entertained throughout the evening.


Packages and Add-ons Create Happier Customers and Increased Revenue

At Funbutler, we are experts in booking and packaging. Our customers receive valuable tips and information on how to increase their revenue, with Funbutler’s booking system as their essential partner. With smart features in the system, such as add-ons and packaging of food, drinks, and activities, you boost your revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Your customers can easily and smoothly book and plan their entire stay with you right at the time of booking. This way, the guest stays longer.


Clever Integrations Give You More Time for Service

The demand for integrations with the Funbutler booking system is constantly increasing. Today, we can offer integrations with well-known point-of-sale systems (POS), table reservation systems, and some bowling systems.


Easy to get started

It's easy to get started with Funbutler's booking system for activity centers and activities. We assist you with onboarding and installation on your website. Our team of experts in online booking also ensures that you get the best solution when it comes to your packages and bookable activities.



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