Booking System for Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)

Funbutler is specially developed for playgrounds and activity centers. For the best customer experience, the booking system is seamlessly integrated with the website, enabling a simple and smooth booking process, whether it’s for a customized children’s party or general admission.

We are experts in online booking. After tens of thousands of bookings through our system and data collection from them, we have recognized the importance, as a playground, of having a good and innovative booking system. Guests want to be able to book at any time of the day, and with Funbutler’s online booking system, your prospective guests can quickly and smoothly book their experience with you without hassle and without manual intervention from you.

With smart features like add-ons, you, as a business owner, can tailor special packages and combinations such as admission, food/drinks, toys, or merchandise. Funbutler’s booking system makes this possible, providing opportunities for increased profitability.

Optimize Children’s Party Bookings

Maximize revenue from children’s parties through specially tailored packages, invitation cards, and much more. With our system, you have the ability to create excellent party packages that sell. Create different packages with resources and activities that overlap.

The system continuously monitors that the activities have the correct number of participants and that the resources are available for the activity included in the package. With a dynamic and interactive booking reference, you will experience reduced administration and happier customers. Digital party invitations via email and SMS also increase the number of participants.

Funbutler’s booking system also becomes your new marketer with automatic reminders about party bookings sent at least 4 weeks before the next birthday (the year after the booking is completed).

Never Double Booked or Overbooked

Forget the thought of being double-booked or overbooked. With Funbutler’s booking system tailored and developed for playgrounds, you gain full control over upcoming groups, which groups or bookings have already checked in, and which ones are expected later.

The system automatically keeps track of the number of people allowed in your playground, and through built-in intelligence, we also ensure that you can never be overbooked.

Have more time for what you’re good at and avoid dealing with cumbersome administration and manual handling of bookings. Our booking system is powerful and is the market’s leading booking system for playgrounds. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more.