Fidde and Aimee, a couple whose background in performing arts has shaped their unique path to becoming operators of TreeWalker, a high-altitude course in the beautiful landscape of Löddeköpinge in southern Skåne. With a rich history in dance and music, they share their experiences and lessons from their first year at the helm of this adventure course.


Tell us about your background before TreeWalker and how it influences you today.

 – Our careers started in the dance world.
Aimee focused on jazz and modern dance, while Fidde made a name for himself as a breakdancer, or ‘B-Boy’, winning the Swedish and Nordic Championships several times.
 – Our love for the stage led us to musicals and acting, where we had the opportunity to travel the world. This background has given us a deep understanding of how to create engaging and memorable experiences, which now forms the basis of how we run TreeWalker.

How did you come to take over TreeWalker?

 – Fidde already had a connection to TreeWalker through previous summer jobs as a guide. When the previous owners suggested we take over, it felt like a natural transition. Moving from being on stage to working in nature with people was an exciting new direction for us.


What challenges have you encountered and how have you handled them?

 – The initial challenge was understanding and managing the many aspects of the business—from booking systems to safety protocols. 

Switching to Funbutler as a booking system has been a game changer for us, freeing up time that we can now spend with our guests, which has been incredibly valuable.

Are there any tips for increasing average revenue or the number of bookings?

 – Our focus has always been on providing an affordable and memorable experience rather than maximizing profit. However, a smooth and efficient booking system like Funbutler is critical for simplifying the process for our customers and for us.


You have received the Funbutler Top Guest Score, what factors do you think contributed to this?

 – We believe our commitment to each guest’s experience plays a big role. Our focus on welcoming and supportive staff, we believe, makes a big difference to our guests.


In what ways has Funbutler helped you achieve success?

 – Funbutler’s system has enabled a smooth booking process, which lets us focus more on the guests and less on administrative tasks.

 “thanks to this that we can maintain a high level of guest satisfaction.”


What improvements do you plan to make to further enhance the guest experience?

 – We will continue to prioritize safety and guest satisfaction, and ensure that our staff is always available, supportive, and positive. It’s important to us that each visit is an experience to remember. 

Through their journey from performing arts to adventure course, Fidde and Aimee demonstrate the invaluable significance of creating strong and positive experiences. With their background in dance and music, along with a strong partnership with Funbutler, TreeWalker is well-prepared for the future.

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