Laserdome, established in Malmö in 1994, has become a premier destination for laser tag enthusiasts, boasting four locations in Southern Sweden. Alongside laser tag, Laserdome features the popular Prison Island (Mission rooms).

Despite their success, Laserdome faced significant challenges in managing bookings and enhancing guest experiences, which prompted them to seek a more efficient solution.

Prison Island cell


The challenges

Initially, Laserdome relied on simpler booking systems that required some manual handling and administration, often resulting in errors and inefficiencies. The solution could not handle bookings around the clock, leading to frequent mistakes and administrative burdens. Manual entry of customer information, particularly email addresses, sometimes also resulted in errors, frustrating both staff and guests. The company experimented with several booking systems, but these either did not meet their needs or were too costly to develop further.


The search for a solution

With the goal of developing and digitalizing their operations, Laserdome searched for a system that could streamline their processes, minimize errors, and improve the overall guest experience. Their ideal solution would manage everything from booking administration and planning to accounting, while also offering marketing automation capabilities.


Implementing Funbutler

After careful consideration, Laserdome adopted Funbutler, a specialized booking system designed for activity centers. Funbutler integrates seamlessly with Onslip (POS) to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses both front-end and back-office needs.

Key features of Funbutler:

  • Comprehensive Booking Management – Funbutler handles bookings around the clock, minimizing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Marketing Automation – Email automation, as well as integration with social media platforms and Mailchimp, enables targeted marketing campaigns, increasing customer engagement.
  • Online Payments – Klarna integration ensures a smooth and secure transaction process for guests.


Key features of integrated Point Of Sale (POS):

  • Seamless Integration – Works perfectly with Funbutler, streamlining booking and transaction processes.
  • Financial Management – Integration with financial reporting reduces manual data entry and ensures accurate bookkeeping, simplifying financial administration.

The results

Implementing Funbutler transformed Laserdome’s operations. The new system significantly reduced the need for manual administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience. Bookings increased by an estimated 25-30%, as guests found the online booking process simpler and more reliable. The ability to create packages with multiple activities boosted sales and customer satisfaction.

Patrik Sommarin, CEO of Laserdome, reflects on the changes:

“Funbutler has optimized our booking process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Together with the integrated POS, it has significantly reduced our administrative workload, allowing us to focus on enhancing the guest experience and increasing our sales.”

Patrik also highlights the benefits of marketing automation:

“The integration with social media and Mailchimp has allowed us to target our marketing efforts more effectively. Automated email campaigns have not only saved us time but have also increased customer engagement and repeat bookings.”

Additionally, the financial benefits were clear. “The integration with Fortnox has streamlined our financial processes even more, reducing manual entry errors and saving us a considerable amount of time in bookkeeping,” says Patrik.



Laserdome’s journey to digitalization with Funbutler showcases how the right technology can overcome operational challenges, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. The integration of Funbutler with Onslip (POS) provided Laserdome with the tools they needed to streamline operations, boost sales, and deliver an exceptional guest experience.

Patrik Sommarin, CEO of Laserdome, highly recommends Funbutler to other businesses in the industry due to its comprehensive features and positive impact on operations and customer satisfaction.

We’ve seen a significant improvement in our efficiency and customer satisfaction since implementing Funbutler. It’s been a game-changer for us.


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