Most of our customers run facilities that cater to children. Children usually have a companion with them (who pays!); parent, relative or other adult. How you handle these can be absolutely crucial for a return visit. Maybe a story from real life can give you some inspiration?
A while ago I visited a trampoline park with my children. At the entrance we were met by a minor chaos, drifts of shoes, noisy children and unclear where to go. A little research showed that we would be upstairs for payment and change into non-slip socks for the kids.

I ask where I can stay while I wait and am directed to a long narrow cold room with soft cubes as seating.

Unpacking my computer to get some work done. Attans, wifi password… I go out and stand in the queue again, after a few minutes I arrive and get the password.

Curved like a U over the computer, I begin to feel a certain stiffness. An exhaust from cold air in the roof does not make things better. Frozen and stiff, I feel it’s time for a coffee.

It’s sex again, a plastic mug with oily brewed coffee. As an accessory, Delicato’s full range is available, so it’s just a smooth cup of coffee.

Back to my place on the cube, nowhere to put the cup. It will be the floor. Behind me is an elevation with more cubes, the parents who come later end up here and thus get full insight into my computer.

Now the computer warns of low battery voltage, I look around and realize that there is only one wall socket at the end of the room. Parents are already sitting there so there will be a power saving mode and a quick check of the clock.

In the pocket, the receipt rustles, SEK 380 + my coffee for SEK 35, SEK 415. Am I bringing the kids here again?

Probably not.

How could that be?

A clogged entrance does not give a good first impression. Here it is important to get a flow into the room. So on arrival, large clear arrows show where to go. A short distance in there are spacious shoe racks and plenty of space for clothes.

Parents or companions are likely to come up with two different hopes:

“Finally some free time, a coffee and a good book (or an undisturbed moment with your mobile)”
For these there is a café-like part with small tables, subdued lighting and comfortable armchairs. Some monthly magazines scattered on the small tables. USB and electrical outlets at each location.

“Now I get the chance to catch up with some work.”
A pair of small compact desks. Desk lamps from IKEA with both Qi charger and USB. Wifi redemption clearly printed on each table. Blocks and pencils.

In our booking system, you can set up such a workplace as a bookable supplement. Professional for those who need to get some work done. “An hour of jumping + a job for dad”

Common to both? They do not say no to a good coffee. In the corner is a Nespresso Professional. The facility’s café also has a collaboration with the city’s best patisserie, so right here you take a guy’s vip * for coffee. In addition to great pastries, there are of course several useful alternatives.

An easy way to offer good coffee – Nespresso

The purpose of the text above is to inspire you. Do not have the surfaces? Too expensive with Nespresso? Think about what you can do to enhance the accompanying experience. There are probably a number of things you can do to stand out positively. Because you want to guarantee that the person with the wallet will be super happy.