Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Funbutler is proud to highlight and reward the hard work and determination our clients demonstrate. Therefore, we have introduced the “Funbutler Top Guest Score” award. This is an annual award for those customers who have received the highest ratings from their visitors over the past year. The ratings are directly based on the guests’ own statements about their experiences, providing a genuine image of how well the activity centers have succeeded in making their visitors satisfied during 2023.

Lerums LaserZone, under the leadership of Klara Sillerström, has already, just under a year after its start, successfully excelled in guest experience, which has been rewarded with the “Funbutler Top Guest Score” award. By actively following up on feedback from their guests, they have not only optimized their offering but also cemented their position as a role model in creating exceptional visit experiences.

Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Klara Sillerström, along with a few customers who have also received the award, shared their insights on creating memorable guest experiences, the elements of success, and the specific actions they have implemented to elevate the level of experience for the visitor.

What has been most crucial for your high Guest Score?

Klara Sillerström, Lerums LaserZone: Personal service and directly and openly engaging with each guest have been crucial for our high Guest Score. It makes a big difference.

Rebecca, Purrfect Café AB: We believe that our personal interactions and small talks with our guests are crucial for engaging the customer with our work, just like us.

Zelene Olofsson, Gothenburg Curling: A pleasant reception and a fun activity. Good service and assistance both during booking and the visit.

What actions have you taken to improve visitors’ experiences?

Klara Sillerström, Lerums LaserZone: We have adopted an open attitude towards feedback and strive to evolve based on our guests’ wishes and positive comments.

Rebecca, Purrfect Café AB: We have listened to our customers’ feedback, made improvements to the premises, and focused on enhancing the appreciated personal aspects of our operation.

Zelene Olofsson, Gothenburg Curling: Our approach should always be positive, hassle-free, and with the feeling “we’ll solve it”.

Magnus, Paintball in Gothenburg: “We improve guest experiences by being receptive to feedback and proactive in our communication.”

All of Funbutler’s clients who have excelled in delivering outstanding guest experiences, as recognized by their high ratings, include:

  • High Adventure
  • MultiLevel
  • Purrfect Café
  • TreeWalker
  • Lek för livet
  • Barnens Lekstad
  • Lerums LaserZone
  • Gokart Stadion ÖS-WE Ring
  • Göteborg Curling
  • Paintballfabriken


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