Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Funbutler is immensely proud of our customers’ successes, hard work, and determination. We want to recognize these achievements through the Funbutler Top Guest Score, awarded annually to the customers who received the highest guest ratings the previous year.

First place for the best guest experience in 2022, and thereby the winner of the “Funbutler Top Guest Score 2023,” goes to High Adventure in Partille. Congratulations!

Started in 2022…

In January 2022, Anton Trulsson and Julia Erlingsson took over High Adventure, and what a journey it has been! High Adventure offers high ropes courses used for everything from adventure to teambuilding. Through dedicated efforts alongside their staff, they can now proudly boast the Funbutler Top Guest Score 2023 award, which means they are the Funbutler activity center with the highest guest ratings*. Funbutler had a chat with Anton.

Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

What does this award mean to you?

– It’s absolutely fantastic and came as a very pleasant surprise for us. Customer satisfaction is something we really strive for. Reviews and customer satisfaction do influence people; if I’m choosing between two options, I usually go for the one with the highest ratings and most positive feedback.

You started in 2022. Did you have a strategy for customer satisfaction and high ratings from the beginning?

– Indirectly, we just went for it. Both Julia and I have long experience in service professions, so it comes very naturally to do our best to ensure that people, and in our case, guests, have the best possible experience with us.

– We are also fortunate to have such fantastic staff who contribute significantly to the guests’ experiences with us.

Do you have special briefings with the staff before each group, workday, or workweek to always keep the guests’ experience in focus?

– Not exactly. I think it’s largely about us, along with our staff, learning to handle guests and the various groups in a good way. So, it naturally comes to us to gauge the mood of each group. Some guests we can joke with a bit, while others prefer to be left alone and do their own thing, and we let them do that.

– We always try to go the extra mile and make guests feel seen and acknowledged.

Now that you’ve received this award and have proof that what you’re doing is appreciated, how will you move forward from here?

– We feel that the way we work and have worked in the past is very effective, so the important thing now is simply to continue along the same path.

– Julia and I both believe that maintaining a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for the staff is crucial, and if we can enhance that even more, it will definitely rub off on the guests. This applies not only to those climbing in the trees but to everyone in the group.

If you could give a practical tip to industry colleagues who also run activity centers, what would it be?

– A relaxed atmosphere without compromising on safety is probably my best tip!

– Safety and guidelines are incredibly important, especially when it comes to activities like high ropes courses. You shouldn’t compromise on that, but I think many would benefit from not making it too stiff. Lightening up the atmosphere and making guests feel comfortable is key.

– It’s very individual how people feel about activities like climbing a high ropes course; some might have a fear of heights or similar concerns. It’s crucial for us to be supportive, help them believe in themselves, and ensure they have fun at the same time.

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*Funbutler Top Guest Score is based on feedback from guests who visited the activity center in 2022.

Funbutler Top Guest Score 2023 Top 10:

  1. High Adventure
  2. Purrfect Café
  3. Shooting Zone
  4. MultiLevel
  5. Laserdome Helsingborg
  6. Gokartstadion ÖS-WE Ring
  7. Makarna Svärd
  8. Halmstad Aktivitetscenter
  9. Lek för livet
  10. Barnens Lekstad



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