Kenny Hansson runs The Adventure Barn, a small multi-activity center in Gnarp, Sweden, offering laser tag, paintball, and several other activities. The Adventure Barn was founded and began operations in the fall of 2006. Customers range from children’s parties and bachelor parties to corporate events.


Save time and reduce errors with Funbutler

Previously, Kenny spent about 20 hours a week managing bookings and planning visits. It involved a lot of manual work, which often led to errors such as double bookings and incorrect email addresses. The worst were the double bookings, creating chaos when two groups were booked simultaneously but resources were only sufficient for one.

This led Kenny to explore the possibilities of finding a booking system to handle booking requests more smoothly and efficiently, allowing him to spend more time on service.


Increased Bookings with Funbutler

For Kenny, who runs a facility with several activities such as paintball, laser tag, multi-challenge events, archery tag, gellyball, parties, and larger corporate events, it was crucial to find a system that could manage the volume of activities and simultaneously ensure that the business did not become overbooked or double booked. The choice fell on Funbutler, and the results were immediate.

“There was an immediate effect! Since we switched to Funbutler Booking System, we have increased bookings by 75% compared to a previous comparable period. Now we hope for sunny weather this summer and that the bookings keep coming in,” says Kenny Hansson, owner of The Adventure Barn in Gnarp.


Funbutler’s booking system is structured into three levels

  • Resources – Includes staff, rooms, lanes, tables, paintball markers, bowling lanes, and more.
  • Activities – Encompasses paintball, laser tag, multi-activity events, and other activities offered by the facility.
  • Packages –This is a link between resources and activities, demonstrating the system’s flexibility

Just paketeringen var viktigt för Kenny i sitt val av bokningssystem.

“Offering package solutions is something we’ve done before, but not been able to offer via the website in a smooth way. Now customers can book whatever they want directly via the website.” Continues Kenny Hansson.

More Time for Guests and Improved Service Level

Since Kenny is often alone on-site and handles most of the operations, Funbutler has given him more time to spend with guests, and he has already experienced an increased level of service. He has saved 5-10 hours of work per week, approximately 65% less time on booking administration and planning. Phone calls and emails decreased by about 80%.

“Previously, customers could call and send messages all day and late into the night to book or ask questions. Now we avoid most of these calls and messages and can instead offer clear and simple online booking where customers manage booking, rescheduling, and cancellation entirely by themselves,” says Kenny and continues

“The time we save by using Funbutler has already proven to be very significant, not least because we gain clarity and can, for example, plan our days with potential extra staff.”


About The Adventure Barn

The Adventure Barn was started in 2006 by Kenny Hansson as Paintball-ladan but has evolved over the years into a full-scale adventure center and today offers a variety of activities. Each year, they welcome both individuals and companies looking for something fun to do.

Read more about Äventyrsladan


About Funbutler

Funbutler is a booking and business system for activities is the result of a long and successful collaboration between our experienced team of digitalization specialists and leading activity centers. Therefore, Funbutler can offer the market's most sales-driven, flexible, and scalable booking system for activity centers.

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