Funbutler AB is the new company name for Procommerca AB. The name change is accompanied by a new corporate identity and a new logo – but with the same solid focus towards becoming a world-leading supplier of booking systems for activity centers.

This is how Johan Westerberg, CEO, explains the reason behind the name change:
– In summary, we simplify the name and create a new logo and corporate identity. To take the position as market leader in booking systems for activity centers even outside Sweden’s borders, we felt that it was necessary to take the next step and then the name change was a good start. The name describes well what we do, and we think that is important.

About Funbutler AB:
Since 1998, we have acquired extensive expertise in areas such as e-commerce, CRM, omnichannel and digital market communication. In 2014 we used our competence and experience for a project where we developed a reservation system for some of the largest activity centers in the Nordic region.

The result was so good and with such a great demand that we decided to focus solely on creating the best business system available on the market for activity centers.

Johan Westerberg, CEO
+46 720 62 83 83

Christoffer Borg Mattisson, Sales & Marketing
+46 763 15 49 53