Privacy Policy

According to the EU Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR), you are entitled to the following information from us:

What information is saved about you as a customer?
When you click “complete booking” in our booking system you agree that your specified information is saved. We need your personal information to complete your booking / purchase. If the complete personal information not is provided, we can not complete our agreement with you and a reservation can not be made.

When a customer make a booking, we need:

Phone number.
E-mail address.
Type of activity you booked.
When you booked it.
When the activity was performed.
Any comments you made when booking. For example allergies, special instructions

Information to third parties
We provide the information required to our partners so that we can complete our purchase agreement with you as a customer when you place an order. Your information may be disclosed to Billmate, which is our payment service provider. In addition, payment is made against payment history and collection of credit reports via Billmate to analyze possible payment solutions for you as a customer.

Why do we save this?
Because we are required by the Swedish Accounting Act to save your data for 5 years.

In order for us to evaluate and analyze what our customers book, how they do it and when they do it. All in order to offer as efficiently as possible and offer our customers discounted offers, news and information about our business.

For how long is my data saved?
We save your customer information and bookings for at least 5 years. If you want to delete your data, this can only happen after 5 years due to the Swedish Accounting Act. You can always request an excerpt on what data is stored on you.

What do I do if I want to be deleted / forgotten?
You can contact us at our customer service / reception then we will anonymize all your information (unless it meets the legal requirements above). An anonymization means that no-one can connect your data to you as a person.