Funbutler has compiled daily data from more than 60 activity centers in the Nordic countries and Europe. We clearly see how bookings are increasing, week by week.

At the same time, it differs a lot from plant to plant depending on the strategy used during the pandemic. We clearly see that the activity centers that have invested heavily in marketing have achieved results in the degree of filling.

We also see that activities that provide greater opportunities for social distancing, such as go-karting, are among those that have done best.

On average, we have seen bookings increase by 15% monthly from January this year. In the graph above, you can also compare with last year during the same period.

Anders Jackson, CEO of Prison Island, which has about 40 franchisees in Europe, confirms the picture and gives his view on the matter:

“Finally, within the Prison Island group, we are beginning to see the light in the tunnel on this night-black pandemic !!

In Sweden, bookings and visits have increased for several months and lately it has taken off in earnest.

In Europe, all sites have been forced to close for more than six months, but this week it will reopen in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. I also hope and believe in a small “ketchup effect”. There is clearly a pent-up need for activities, team building and having fun with friends. Last summer, when the spread of infection went down, we also had a short “boom” and July was a really good month.

I think there are very good chances for something similar now. Not everyone will throw themselves to Thailand either, but will probably first look for activities at home. In addition, there should be an abnormal amount of savings in the private economy, as significantly less has been spent on travel, trade and entertainment in the past year. “

We hope Anders is right. Growth continues in the industry and we can finally step out of the steel bath, with a pent-up need and fill some of the extensive economic gaps that the pandemic has left behind.