Funbutler’s web-based booking system helps Norwegian Megazone optimize its operations every day of the week. The system was launched in April and is already appreciated by employees and customers. Or as one of the employees at Megazone says:

“Great! The order book works like a dream and I am very happy. ”
The booking system is specially adapted to minimize gaps in the daily schedule automatically, something that is important for Megazone, which has a high pressure on visitors.

In addition, Megazone has ordered a package module, which makes it possible for them to put together several laser games for different packages and work with different price images. We at Funbutler are happy that Megazone has chosen us as a supplier and hope for a close collaboration also in the future.

Megazone has since the start in 1993 been experts in laser games in Norway. As interest in laser games has increased, Megazone opened a new laser hall in Ulsrud this March, 2017.