Purrfect Café is Gothenburg’s first cat café and opened in early October 2021. To maximize profitability and gain control over availability, Funbutler was chosen as the booking system and it was an immediate success.

Since Purrfect Café opened, bookings have fallen into place and continue to do so.

“For us, it was really a challenge to find a booking system for our wishes. We want to be able to give a brief introduction to our visitors before they go into the cats in the Cat Suite and it feels appropriate to be able to do it in front of six people at a time. In Kattsviten then, we have limited the number of places to 12 people who then have their booking times rotated to each other to optimize our flow. We are very happy that Funbutler solves this for us and that we received such great help from them in our start-up”Rebecca and Alice, Purrfect Café in Gothenburg

A cat café is a cozy place where you can have coffee and hang out with adoptable cats. The concept is very popular around the world and appreciated by visitors who want to relax, have coffee and hang out with cats. You can book your visit in advance, but drop-in is just as good if space allows.

With Funbutler’s booking system, owners Alice and Rebecca get full control of the bookings, optimized number of people staying in the café at the same time, and the opportunity to use a number of other advantageous functions such as gift cards, discount code function, etc.

“We were very happy when Alice and Rebecca got in touch and wanted our system for their cat café. We believe in the concept and look forward to developing together with the customer ”Christoffer Borg Mattisson, Sales & Marketing Manager, Funbutler

Are you curious about Purrfect Café? Then you can visit www.purrfectcafe.se or “paw in” on Sveagatan 6 in Gothenburg.