Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Henrik Nilsson, the owner of Gokart Stadium ÖS-WE Ring and founder of MegaTiming, is not just a businessman but also a passionate motorsport enthusiast. His interest in the sport began around 1996, eventually leading him to develop MegaTiming – a timing system for go-karts that is now a leader in the Nordic region, especially in Sweden. “My first steps into motorsport were thrilling, but developing MegaTiming was a real turning point,” shares Henrik.

Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Booking challenges: Time-consuming management
Before Funbutler, Gokart Stadium relied on a manual and time-consuming booking process. “It was a mix of email and calendar management, which created a lot of extra work,” explains Henrik. After becoming the owner of Gokart Stadium ÖS-WE Ring in 2017, Henrik realized the need to streamline bookings. The stadium was a previous client of MegaTiming, which Henrik had the opportunity to take over.

Choosing Funbutler
Henrik’s decision to choose Funbutler was strongly influenced by its integration with MegaTiming. “When Gokart Stockholm, a client of MegaTiming, wanted an integration with Funbutler, I saw the potential for my own business,” says Henrik. This integration means that guests can easily fill in their names before the visit, and the staff can smoothly transfer these names to MegaTiming, subsequently providing guests with their times digitally via Funbutler’s booking reference.

Implementation and efficiency
The implementation process was quick and, according to Henrik, “exceeded expectations.” He emphasizes, “It was important for me to be able to customize the system exactly to our needs.”

Improved guest experience
“Our customers appreciate being able to manage their bookings themselves. It gives them freedom and convenience,” says Henrik. He also notes that customer feedback has been very positive since they started using Funbutler.

Increased online bookings and reduced administration
With Funbutler, Henrik has seen a significant reduction in the workload related to bookings. “We have reduced phone calls and the administration around bookings by 75%,” he explains. He also stresses that this has led to less stress and more time for maintenance and other tasks.

Henrik has also noticed a noticeable increase in upselling of add-ons like Pommac bottles(alcohol-free champagne) and medals. He plans to further develop this next season, including trophies.

Business benefits and future prospects
Henrik confirms that Funbutler has had a positive impact on the business’s profitability. For the next season, he plans to set up signs with QR codes, leading directly to a drop-in booking form. This, combined with Swish, will relieve staff, especially during the peak season.

Henrik’s journey from a motorsport enthusiast to becoming a successful owner of Gokart Stadium ÖS-WE Ring and an innovator with MegaTiming is inspiring. His story is an excellent example of how passion can be combined with smart technology to create a successful business. “Using Funbutler has not only changed how we work, it has transformed our entire customer experience,” Henrik concludes.

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