Now all bowling alleys that use Viking Scoring can use Funbutler to get a modern and flexible online booking.
“Many of our customers are multicenters with several different activities. Our booking system not only enables a modern and attractive booking for bowling and bowling parties but also combinations of different activities and supplements. A system for all activities contributes to more sales, increased efficiency and better business control.
Viking Scoring fits perfectly in this type of multicenters and with our integration, the business gets a seamless flow of information. We look forward to the collaboration with VBS Bowling, ”says Johan Westerberg, CEO, Funbutler AB.

Funbutler is today the market leader in Sweden and Norway and is used by activity centers of all sizes.

“Especially for facilities where bowling is only a small part of the business, it is a natural choice to handle online bookings, sales, restaurants, etc. from Procommerca.

Thanks to a smooth integration between Viking Scoring and Funbutler, you can make bowling bookings in both systems and avoid manual work, ”says Stefan Bergström, VBS Bowling AB

VBS Bowling AB is the Nordic region’s largest and most complete supplier in the bowling industry