We have had a demand for a connection to the cash register system. First out with a connection that gives the staff a simple and integrated experience is our new partner Onslip. The connection means that staff automatically receives all transactions to Onslip’s cashier, which increases both security and efficiency. Funbutler’s check-in view can also be accessed directly at checkout.

Patrik Sommarin, Deputy CEO of Laserdome, is one of those who have requested the connection:

“There are some solutions out there that cover both the need to take bookings on the web and charge at the checkout. The problem is that they are often inflexible and poorly optimized for our business.

Thanks to the collaboration between Funbutler and Onslip, we have chosen, according to our needs, the best for us when it comes to both handling bookings and paying at checkout.

Regardless of whether our guests pay for bookings in advance or on site at the checkout, everything is integrated, secure and efficient thanks to the connection between the systems. ”

Daniel Rasmussen, CEO Onslip, adds the following:

“Funbutler has in a short time managed to create an impressive digital complete solution through its integration with our digital checkout platform. Thanks to their expertise and strong customer focus, we together deliver an unbeatable customer experience and uncompromising functionality. ”