Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

In an era where efficiency and customer experience are paramount, the integration of Funbutler with ExtendaGO’s POS system stands as a beacon of innovation in the management of activity centers. This integration has brought about a transformation in the industry, as exemplified by the success story of Fangarna på Fortet and Megazone, a prominent activity chain in Norway.

Dan Krüger (VD samt ägare till Hop N Pop)

Unique Combination of Best-of-Breed systems
A key advantage of this integration is that it combines two best-of-breed systems. Unlike other solutions available in the market today, which often lack either a robust and modern POS system or are large, inflexible, and expensive systems, Funbutler and ExtendaGO offer a perfect blend of flexibility, cost-efficiency, and functionality.

Seamless integration and enhanced control
Albert Buli, Site Manager at Fangarna på Fortet(Prison Island, Oslo), highlights the impact of this integration. “The collaboration between Funbutler and POS has streamlined our processes, freeing up time and making it much easier for our staff to maintain control and oversight throughout the day,” says Albert. This integration extends to kitchen operations and accounting systems, ensuring a seamless flow from booking to service and payment.

Empowering businesses across Europe
The solution’s availability in 15 countries, with plans for expansion, makes it a versatile and powerful tool for activity centers across Europe. Fangarna på Fortet’s experience is a testament to the effectiveness of this integration. Distributed across four locations, they have leveraged Funbutler and ExtendaGO to gain comprehensive control and produce insightful reports.

This innovative solution is not limited to Norway but extends across Europe, bringing the same level of efficiency and control to numerous activity centers. The integration of Funbutler with ExtendaGO is more than just a technological advancement; it represents a paradigm shift in how activity centers can operate more efficiently while enhancing the customer experience.

As Albert Buli aptly puts it, “This integration has not just made our operations smoother; it has redefined them. It’s like every aspect of our business is now speaking the same language, which is crucial for our growth and customer satisfaction.”

Funbutler’s integration with ExtendaGO is a game-changer, offering a glimpse into the future of activity center management where technology drives efficiency and customer delight. Without compromise.

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