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Funbutler booking system for activity centers is the result of a long and successful collaboration between our experienced team of specialists in digitization and leading activity centers. Therefore, we can offer the market’s best-selling, flexible and scalable booking system for activity centers.


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  • Fixed rate based on turnover
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  • Client Super Admin
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  • Powerful dashboard
  • Key account
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Frequently asked questions,


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What payment solutions can you integrate with the booking system?

We have connections and collaborations with many payment solutions such as Klarna, Stripe, Paypal, etc. Read more about our partners and integrations here.

What is your binding period?

We do not have any. We want you as a customer to feel secure with your choice of us as a booking system.

Can Funbutler scan EU digital covid certificate?

Yes you can do that. Learn how to scan EU Digital Covid Certificates in the Funbutler activity center booking system via the link.

We are only open a few months a year, can we use the Funbutler booking system?

Yes. You only pay when you use the system and take bookings through it.