Last winter, Kenny Hansson, owner of Äventyrsladan (Adventure Barn) in Gnarp, decided that he wanted to explore the possibilities of finding a booking system to manage his incoming booking requests in a better and easier way and to be able to spend more time on service.

For Kenny, who runs a multi-activity centre with several activities such as paintball, laser tag, multi-combat, archery tag, gellyball, parties and larger business events, it was important to find a system that could handle the amount of activities he has and at the same time ensure that the business was not over- or double-booked. The choice fell on Funbutler and the results were not long in coming.

“There was an instant effect! Since we switched to Funbutler Booking System, we have increased bookings by a whole 75% compared to a previous comparable period. Now we hope that the sun will shine this summer and that the bookings will continue to pour in”, says Kenny Hansson, owner of Äventyrsladan in Gnarp.

Funbutler’s booking system is built in three levels with resources (staff, rooms, lanes, tables, paintball markers, bowling lanes etc.), activities (paintball, laser tag, multi-combat etc.) and packages, which are a link between resources and activities. The package is something that was important to Kenny in his choice of booking system.

“Offering package solutions is something we have done in the past, but have not been able to offer through the website in a convenient way. Now customers can book what they want directly through the website.”

As Kenny is often alone on site at Äventyrsladan and manages most of the business, Funbutler has given him more time to spend with guests and he already feels that he has increased his level of service.

“Previously, customers would call and message all day and late into the evening to book or ask questions. Now we can eliminate the majority of these calls and messages and instead offer clear and simple online booking where customers manage the booking, rebooking and cancellation themselves,” Kenny says and continues:

“The time we save by using Funbutler has already proved to be very significant, not least because we gain clarity and can, for example, plan our days with any additional staff”

About The Adventure Barn:
Started in 2006 by Kenny Hansson as a Paintball lodge, but over the years it has developed into a full-scale adventure centre and today offers several different activities. Every year it welcomes both individuals and companies looking for something fun to do.


We at Funbutler are grateful for the great feedback and continue our journey towards being the leading option in innovation and development with a focus on digitalization of sales, service and support for activity centers worldwide.

Do you run an activity centre and want to know more about how the Funbutler booking system would have benefited you?